Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Improvement

With limited sustainable alternative livelihood opportunities, many forest edged communities in West Africa are forced to rely on unsustainable practices, whilst forest and marine resources face exploitation, leading to habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity. In light of this, GREENLIFE West Africa seeks to reduce/mitigate these biodiversity’s threats through apiculture as a non-time intensive, non-labor-intensive agricultural activity that complements existing farming techniques used by communities.

Sierra Leone:
GREENLIFE West Africa implements capacity building in beekeeping to increase the income of forest-edged community members and improve the management of Forest Reserves and consequently the conservation of biodiversity. In our approach, broader community engagement around beekeeping is employed including sensitization meetings and radio broadcasts. We also conduct training on honey harvesting, filtering, marketing, safety and security rules.

GREENLIFE WA is involved in:
  1. Training rangers, border agents, airport authorities, prosecutors and judges on the use of new knowledge and technologies to combat wildlife trafficking
  2. Providing equipment to law enforcement agents to strengthen their capacity to detect wildlife trafficking
  3. Supporting transboundary coordination between neighboring countries to protect wildlife.